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Project Development

We practice project development 4.0. Digitally, Holistically, Innovatively.

Our experts are pioneers in digital solutions for renewable energy project management. At the same time, we are leaders in the conceptual design of customized solutions for successful and transparent project implementation involving all local interests.

We combine innovative solutions and experience from all regional markets to guarantee the optimal solution for every project.

We are always your partner at eye level. Across the entire value chain. Together, we lead the energy transition to success.

One more reason to stand up for climate protection

Are you the owner of an area which has been identified for renewable energies? This is a good opportunity to benefit from attractive long-term rents and contribute significantly to a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

As a landowner, you participate directly in the economic success of the project.

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What makes us different?

Attractive and fair rents.
In addition to attractive conditions, we are also concerned about a fair distribution of rents. For each project, we find the right balance between the involvement of all landowners and attractive compensation for the area.

A permanent contact person.
After an initial planning phase, we organize an information event in your community. At this event, at the latest, you will get to know the person responsible for the project. This person remains your direct contact throughout the entire project development and construction phase.

Transparency throughout the entire process.
During the entire development time of the project, the transparent communication with you is a matter of course for us! This way you always stay informed about the project progress!

Contact Melina Behnke

Head of Land Management
Project Execution
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Head of Land Management
Project Assessment
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Communities & Residents
We are looking forward to a good partnership!

Together we are taking the right path. Hand in hand, we are committed to a sustainable energy supply. Q-Energy stands for transparent communication and proactive involvement of communities and residents in the conceptual design of projects. This is our principle for a joint successful project!


Communities Q-Energy

Three pillars of our cooperation

Value creation stays in your region.
We aim to generate added value locally with our projects. That’s why we strive to work with local companies and assign contracts to regional companies even during the early planning phase.

A permanent contact partner for your community.
Project development in the wind energy sector can be a long-term process. It can take several years from the initial conceptual design to the construction of the turbines. During this time, you have a permanent contact person with us.

Participation in project success.
We realize our projects in your home region. That’s why it’s only fair to let you share in the success. Our broad spectrum of support measures forms a good basis for a customized solution in your region.

Contact Jolie Rochell

Community Engagement Manager
+49 30 8632 362 67


The holistic engagement concept of Q-Energy consists of developing sustainable measures with the citizens in order to improve the acceptance towards wind energy in the region of the installed wind farm.

We gladly support the communities in informing their citizens as well as providing information material. In personal exchanges, we offer residents the opportunity to have their expectations incorporated into the project. Through formats such as citizens’ conferences or mediation, we are happy to enter dialogue with citizens.


Engagement Q-Energy

What do we support?

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Education
  • Rural Living

We also offer financially supported participation models for local citizens. In addition to municipal participation in accordance with § 6 EEG 2021, these include, for example, the offer of wind savings bonds or the sponsoring of associations. 

Furthermore, we support climate-friendly measures such as the construction of charging stations to promote electromobility, educational trails around the wind farm, the creation of teaching materials or the organization of action days about wind energy at schools.

The best way for us to support your community is individual. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Jolie Rochell

Community Engagement Manager
+49 30 8632 362 67

Nature and species conservation with renewable energies in harmony

We live in a world of change. In order to ensure the security of our livelihood, adjustments in our energy supply are unavoidable. 

The expansion of renewable energies is a necessary prerequisite for achieving the climate targets that have been set. We are driven by the idea of a nature-friendly energy production because we are aware of our responsibility towards nature and its species.

Nature Q-Energy

We take the high requirements of nature and species protection very seriously.

Europe and Germany have a comprehensive environmental, nature conservation and species protection legislation. In addition, almost every federal state has its own guidelines for species protection and wind power. Nowadays, wind power projects can only be approved if they have been examined in detail for possible effects on species and, at the same time, suitable measures have been defined by the authorities to ensure that the affected species and their individuals are not endangered.

Q-Energy works together with qualified experts, who examine and document the sites and the wide-ranging surroundings in accordance with the officially agreed scope of investigation over the course of a season. Well-founded decisions can be made on the basis of such a reliable data set.

We are very interested in a close cooperation with authorities and associations.

Close and transparent cooperation with the respective nature conservation authorities and associations is a matter of course for us from the start of project development. With this approach, important nature conservation concerns can be considered in our planning from the very beginning. Suitable measures (e.g. harvesting and mowing shutdowns, deflection areas, construction time regulations, shutdown times for bats, etc.) are coordinated with the authorities and other project participants at an early stage. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the latest technologies and scientific publications.

Our Credo

We believe in a sustainable future. In the context of the energy transition, we want to consciously do our part to preserve biodiversity – locally and globally.

We believe that transparent cooperation with authorities and experts leads to good solutions.

We believe that gaining knowledge and technology will significantly reduce the potential threat to wind-sensitive and endangered species.

Contact Julia Ellersdorfer

Team Lead Environmental Management
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Together we achieve more

Especially in project development, a combination of long-term experience, technical expertise and a high level of professionalism is required. Thanks to a steadily growing partner network, we bring our projects to success faster. Furthermore, we place a special emphasis on teamwork and overcome hurdles together.

We focus on our goals.

Given the complexity of projects, it can often be helpful for those involved in the project to work together constructively. We act as a results-oriented, proactive and pragmatic partner who always has the economically optimal solution for all parties in mind. We are looking for long-term partners with whom we cooperate on an eye-to-eye level. Reliability, trust, and loyal cooperation are the keys to a successful and profitable partnership.

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Head of Project Execution / Manager Projects National
Project Development
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